Solar Water Heater

Solar ETC Water Heater

In case of large commercial & industrial projects, where hot water requirement is in substantial quantity, Evacuated Tube Manifolds are used. Set Of 50 Tubes (25 on each side) are connected with a common header manifold in the centre. Cold water enters the manifold & tubes from bottom, gains heat energy from the Sun & flows upward.

Based on the system design, numbers of manifold collectors are connected in a combination of series & parallel connection. Flow & circulation of water is regulated through suitably designed pumping system as per the process requirement.


Solar FPC Water Heater

It is a Solar Collector where Copper Fins are connected with Riser Tube (Copper) by ultrasonic welding. Tube & fins are coated with special Solar Selective Coating to increase the heat absorption from solar energy. Series of riser tubes are connected with bottom cold water header & top hot water header. Water gains heat from solar energy & flows upwards.

1.Hot water upto 700C
2.Collector Area: 2.0 m2
3.Dimension: 2025 mm L X 1025 mm W X 96 mm H
4.As per IS Standard IS 12933 Part 1: 2003
5.Riser material: Copper (Minimum 99% Cu)
6.Fin: Ultrasonic welded Copper
7.Absorber Coating: Solar Selective Coating
8.Box material: Aluminum extrusion, Anodized
9.Collector Insulation: Rockwool pads for side & bottom
10.Top Cover: IS 2553 (Part 1) Toughened glass >82 % Transitivity