Solar Power Systems

Solar Power Systems

Solar power system works on basic principles of energy conversion – conversion of light energy (in case of Solar PV system) to electric energy or conversion of Heat energy (in case of Solar Thermal system)

Solar Rooftops

Convert unused rooftop space into productive solar rooftop power plant & generate solar power Connect to your existing electricity bus, no internal wiring changes required Consume all solar power generated instantly, no battery back-up required Will work even during diesel generator usage Save and reduce your electricity bill every month with the amount of solar power generated set-off Continuous savings from present high utility and diesel power prices Future savings from year-on-year increases in utility and diesel power prices.

Why Solar?

• Increase Bottom Line: Invest in Solar Rooftops, profit from clean energy, save tax & get superior returns than any other investment option
• Improve Building Life: Reduce HVAC costs (solar rooftops reduce indoor temperatures by up to 5 o ), Solar panels add a protective layer to your roof
• Profit from Clean Energy: Solar panels generate clean & green power from the planet’s most reliable and safest energy source—the sun
• Tariff Lock in: Solar power unit tariff lock-in for plant life of 20 years, Grid tariff will always continue to increase as fossil fuel costs increase
• Save Income tax: Solar rooftop investments are eligible for accelerated depreciation and a payback of less than 5 years after which solar power is free for the lifetime of the plant – 20 years