Solar Fencing

Solar Security Fencing

Big G Solar Solutions is one of the leading manufacturers of solar fence and are engaged supplying for Domestic, Agricultural and Industrial Applications. Solar fence system enables the control of human and animals by giving them a short, sharp but safe shock, which is memorable that they never forget it.

Against any tampering, the alarm incorporated in the system gets activated and alerts the inmates of the protected area, which facilitates them to counter the unwelcomed intruders. Solar fence has the capacity to power long distances of multiline wire fencing.


Agriculture Solar Fencing

Solar Powered Agriculture Fence Wildlife damage problems are as old as man. Crop raiding by herbivores like deer, rhinos, elephants, boars, domestic animals etc. is a major problem for farmers. From time immemorial, farm fencing has been evolved and used to protect the hard earned crops of farmers in their fields.

Despite the fact that our proficiency lies in dispatching flawless products, but rendering extreme satisfaction to the clients is something for which we intend for. Enquiries for any size project are always welcome, and will be dealt with utmost efficiency. Cautious consideration is given to compliment customers’ requirement, budget and shipment.



The Solar Photovoltaic Module in the Electronic Unit which converts the sunshine into electrical energy and charges the Battery through Charge control unit. The Energizer through the charge control unit takes 12V supply as input and energizes the same into 8000 to 9900 volt pulses.

These pulses will travel through the fence wires at regular interval of around 1 pulse per 1.2 second with the duration of each pulse of about 0.03 mille seconds. The Solar Powered fence is scientific fence and works on solar energy with backup facility to run Uninterruptedly during the nights as well as cloudy days.

High quality solar power security systems like energizer, fence voltage alarm, neon tester for solar power fence system will provide perimeter security to houses and industries 24/7 safe security system.


• Easy Construction.
• Very Low maintenance.
• Trouble free performance.
• Solar Fencing Energizer System
• The shock does not physically harm animals or human beings.
• Power fence can be erected to target species only.
• Long lasting because of minimal physical pressure.
• all domestic and wild animals can be controlled economically.
• makes strip grazing and back fencing easy.
• Uses indifenous technology.
• The solar fence system confirms to national and international standards.
• The solar energizers are tested by CPRI.

Energizer Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications of the Critical Components

Input Voltage 12 V DC
Input Current 500 mA
Output Voltage 4.0 KV to 8.0 KV
Output Current 7 to 8.5 A (500 Ohms Non Inductive Load)
Pulse Interval 1.2 Seconds
Pulse Duration 0.3 milli second
Maximum output energy 8 joules / Pulse / Zone


Technical Specifications of the Critical Components

Iron Pipes:
Intermediate Poles,
Corner Poles Poles, Support Poles
With Galvanising coating
Corner Pole Insulator or Strain Insulators for starting / end or corner Posts:
Made of High Quality Industrial Plastic.
Reel Insulators:
Made of virgin Poly Propylene plastic for 15 KV Operations.
Permanent Wire Tightner
Made of Special Aluminium’s Alloy (Rust Proof) designed for 15 KV UV stabilized operation.
Joint Clamp:
All the interconnections on the fence are made with the help of joint clamps.
Fence Wire:
2.5 mm Wire diameter or 12 G G.I. High Tensile wire heavily galvanized with zinc coating and warranted for 5 years. It is manufactured by TATA.
Warning Sign Board:
Polyethylene plastic with yellow back ground and black colored letters.